Working Papers

joint with François de Soyres (Federal Reserve Board)

joint with François de Soyres (Federal Reserve Board))

joint with Sumudu Kankanamge (TSE)

      • TSE Working paper. Old version, with application on the aging of entrepreneurs: SED 2019 Meeting.
      • Presented in SED in Saint Louis (2019), CEF in Ottawa (2019, 2020 cancelled due to COVID), TSE seminar Macro.

joint with Sumudu Kankanamge (TSE).

      • Online appendix,
      • Policy related paper, older version,
      • Slides here, presented in SED in Edinburgh (2017), Midwest Macroeconomics Meetings (2018), XXII Workshop on Dynamic Macroeconomics in Vigo (2017), CEF (2017, 2021), Pyrenean Macroeconomics Workshop (2019), ESEM in Cologne (2018),, ADEMU workshop « Risk Sharing and Macroeconomic Interdependencies » in Prague (2018), ADEMU conference (2017).

Work In Progress

  • The Growth Irrelevance Frontier of Wealth Inequality (with Philipp Wangner). Coming soon!

  • Housing-market Matching, Employment and Regional Mobility (with Christophe Bruneel).