Welcome to my website!

I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at Brown University. 

In 2022-2023 I was a post-doc at Princeton University. I received my PhD from Toulouse School of Economics. 

You can find my CV here.  

Research areas: Macroeconomics, Inequality and Redistribution, Entrepreneurship and Trade.

Contact: alexandre_gaillard[at]brown.edu

Working Papers

Consumption, Wealth, and Income Inequality: A Tale of Tails, SSRN,(with C. Hellwig, P. Wangner, and N. Werquin)

October 2023

Value Added and Productivity Linkages Across Countries,  OA (with F. de Soyres)

February 2023 --  R&R AEJ: Macro.

From Unemployment to Self-Employment: An Evaluation of the Self-Employment Assistance Programs (with S. Kankanamge)

February 2023 -- R&R Journal of Labor Economics.

Inequality, Business Cycles, and Growth: A Unified Approach to Stabilization Policies, OA (with P. Wangner)

December 2022

Wealth, Returns, and Taxation: A Tale of Two Dependencies, NBER SI version, SSRN, OA, (with P. Wangner) -- New version coming soon!

August 2022 

Published Papers

Global Trade and GDP Comovement, (with F. de Soyres)

Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, May 2022

Older Working Papers in Revision

Buying and Selling Entrepreneurial Assets, (with S. Kankanamge)

June 2020

Work In Progress

What is Measured in National Accounts? (with F. de Soyres and H. Young)

Unemployment Insurance Generosity and Self-Employment (with S. Kankanamge)

Housing-market Matching, Regional Mobility and Unemployment Insurance (with C. Bruneel)